Road to Wuling

Public transportation to the Wuling Farm recreation area (located in the Shei-Pa National Park) in Taiwan is by bus. It leaves from the east coast city of Ilan and follows the Lanyang river. For 30 to 40 km it’s a diet of stunning views, steep hillsides and cabbage farms !!

bridge on the Lanyang riverbaskets used for harvesting cabbagecabbage fieldsLanyang river valleycabbage fieldscabbage fields everywhereharvest in progressLanyang river flatsLanyang river flats
La vallée de Wuling est dans le parc national de Shei-Pa au Taiwan. Pour y aller on prend le bus de Ilan et on suit la rivière Lanyang sur une quarantaine de kilomètres. Paysages de plaines inondables, collines abruptes et champs de chou partout.