Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road East, Shanghai : Look out Fifth Avenue, Oxford Street, the Ginza, les Champs Elysées, this is serious competition. This must be the street with the highest concentration of luxury brands and products in the world. Rolex, Bugatti, Vuitton… You name it, it’s here. Lots of people looking, but not many (visible) buyers…. Nanjing…

Heart of Shanghai

The Bund, the Oriental Pearl Telecommunications tower, the big boats on the Huangpu. This is the heart of Shanghai. Le Bund, la tour de télécommunications et la rivière Huangpu … le coeur de Shanghai.

Nanxiang oldtown and the Tan Garden

A classical Chinese garden in Shanghai, dating from the late Ming dynasty, nicely restored, beautiful to visit and very peaceful with almost no tourists. Notes on the entrance ticket : “Tan garden was the private garden of Li Liufang, the scholar and artist in Ming Dynasty. During that time, it was the place for poets…

River(side) scenes

The karst topography was only part of the show. Les montagnettes de karst avaient de la concurrence.

Karst topography

The Lijiang river from Guilin to Yangshuo : strange karst mountains and topography. A day in the mist… La rivière Lijiang entre Guilin et Yangshuo : pics calcaires de type karstique. Un jour de brouillard…

A farm in Yangshuo county

In the Guilin area of Quangxi province, the town of Yangshuo is a very popular stopping point for the boats that cruise down the Li river through the strange and fascinating karst hill formations. Apart from the river tourist trade, many people make a living by farming. This village near Yangshuo has many osmanthus tree…

Qingdao waterfront

Qingdao : A former German trading post and concession on the northeast China coast, famous for beer, now a huge city, one of the ten largest in China. People still dig for shellfish at low tide on the seafront. Qingdao : Sur la côte nord-est de la Chine, autrefois un comptoir commercial allemand , renommée…

Qingdao Horticultural exposition 2014

In an exhibition site fifty km from the city centre, it was big, impressive, enormous. Few foreigners in attendance, but at least one Taiwanese citizen and a member of the French communist party paid a visit. They let the communist party visitor in for free. L’expo s’est tenu à 50 km du centre ville de…

Parasols in Qingdao

Seen in a pavillion at the Qingdao International Horticultural Exhibition : A few days before the closure, October 2014. Vus à l’exposition internationale horticole de Qingdao en octobre 2014, quelques jours avant la fermeture.

A parasol in Nanjing

Keeping out of the sun on a hot, hot day in the park C’était une journée éouffante au parc. Nanjing, 2014

The lake

A lakeshore stroll on a sunny autumn day, Nanjing China

In the Forbidden City

A huge stone carving graces the centre of this stairway. Over 300 tons of rock ! Un haut-relief en pierre pour le centre de cette escalier – poids ? plus de 300 tonnes.