Growing on the slopes of Eboshi-dake

Eboshi-dake is one of the peaks near the Aso volcano, high enough to get a good look at Aso from above. But the scenery includes more than volcanos. The wild flowers are abundant even in November.Eboshi-dake : un sommet à proximité de Naka-dake (le cratère du mont Aso). Eboshi-dake est juste assez haut pour dominer…

Flora in the steam room

In Beppu, the hot springs and steam serve many purposes. One of them is to heat floral pools and greenhouses. A Beppu, la vapeur et les sources chaudes servent à de multiples fins y compris à chauffer des serres permettant de cultiver une flore tropicale.

Val Rahmeh Botanical Garden

A beautiful botanical garden in the French seaside town of Menton, near the Italian border. Worth a visit in any season. Below – pictures taken in late March 2011.