National Palace Museum

This museum in Taipei contains some of the very best pieces from the art collection of the former Chinese imperial family. The pieces in this museum were moved many times during the turbulent period between the Mukden incident in 1931 and the evacuation to Taiwan in late 1948. To prevent them falling into the hands…

The view from 101

Taipei 101. The world’s tallest tower from it’s completion in 2004 until the opening of a taller building in Dubai in 2010 and first building to exceed 1/2 km in height. The view from the top is stunning and equally hard to photograph due to barriers, glass, etc. Taipei 101. Le plus grand gratte-ciel au…

Wuling farm

Wuling farm: a high mountain valley, formerly serving as a rest and work area for retired ROC soldiers, (including a country villa once used by Chiang Kai-shek) now a recreation area. The valley is at about 1700 to 2200 m altitude, contains tea and coffee plantations, fine floral displays, and the trailhead for the hike…

Road to Wuling

Public transportation to the Wuling Farm recreation area (located in the Shei-Pa National Park) in Taiwan is by bus. It leaves from the east coast city of Ilan and follows the Lanyang river. For 30 to 40 km it’s a diet of stunning views, steep hillsides and cabbage farms !! La vallée de Wuling est…


On the east coast of Taiwan, away from the bigger cities, the mountains plunge steeply into the Pacific. Near Hualien, the Liwu river reaches the sea after passing through deep gorges cut through black and white marble, This is one of the country’s finest natural attractions. Sur la côte est de Taiwan, près de la…

Yingge – ceramics in Taiwan

Yingge district, Taipei County, specialises in ceramics and porcelain. …many shops with outstanding pieces on the old street (鶯歌老街) and a remarkable ceramics museum to visit too. Le district de Yingge, près de Taipei, se spécialise en la fabrication de porcelaines et céramiques. Dans la ville, une rue commerçante (鶯歌老街) propose des produits de grand…


Growing wild in March in Lishan.

Taichung train station

A train station built by the Japanese in the central west coast city of Taichung. Photo taken in 2001.

Taipei, Lantern Festival

February 1999 in Taipei. The whole city centre is lit up for the Lantern Festival. Fevrier 1999, Taipei. Le centre de la ville sous illuminations pour le festival des lanternes. (click on the images to enlarge).

Plum flowers

Original photography by Winston. Smudges by computer. It was plum flower time in Taiwan recently.

Autumn in Taiwan

Autumn : central mountain regions of Taiwan. Automne, les montagnes de Taiwan.