Nanxiang oldtown and the Tan Garden

A classical Chinese garden in Shanghai, dating from the late Ming dynasty, nicely restored, beautiful to visit and very peaceful with almost no tourists. Notes on the entrance ticket : “Tan garden was the private garden of Li Liufang, the scholar and artist in Ming Dynasty. During that time, it was the place for poets and scholars to chant verse and revel. It had been destroyed in the period when Qing dynasty replaced Ming dynasty. After reconstruction in 2011, there remain many historical scenic spots including the Treasure and Dignity Hall, the Mountain Rain Pavilion, the Tipsy Hall, the Lotus Bank and so on. The whole garden was properly designed compactly with a gourd-shaped pool in the center surrounded by halls and pavilions. Cavities and gullies spread around and winding corridors pass through the whole garden. Wander in the garden as if wander in the painting.” The 5 RMB entrance fee (in 2014) is a very good deal !!

Nanxiang old townNanxiang old townNanxiang Guyi gardenNanxiang Guyi gardenNanxiang Guyi gardenNanxiang Guyi gardenNanxiang Guyi garden
Un jardin chinois dans le style classique de la période Ming tardive, très beau et très tranquille (peu de touristes). A Shanghai on ne demande pas mieux.