Ribeira do Pico

Serra de Agua, Madeira : In the Ribeira do Pico valley, farming on hillside terraces is the only way to go. Beacuse : little or no naturally flat land. Serra de Agua, Madère : Si on veut cultiver ses légumes ici dans la vallée de la Ribeira do Pico, il n’y a pas d’autre choix…

Lakes and Islands

Lago Maggiore : A big lake partly in Switzerland and partly in Italy with, near Stresa, 3 islands and 2 islets making up the Borromean Islands. One of the islands, Isola Bella, contains one of Italy’s most beautiful gardens. That’s not to say the others are not interesting either. The Isola dei Pescatore is inhabited…


Tocho-ji : a Shingon buddhist temple in the Gion district of Fukuoka. The pagoda, stunning due to it’s orange colour is only one of several building in this temple. This temple also houses the Fukuoka Daibutsu, one of the biggest statues of a seated Buddha in Japan. Tocho-ji : un temple bouddhiste Shingon dans le…

Mount Aso

Mount Aso in central Kyushu sits in the centre of one of the largest caldera in the world, extending around 18 km east and west and 25 km north and south around the central peak. Almost always smoking, this is the largest active volcano in Japan. On this day, the closest you could get was…

Glover Garden

After the opening of trade with Japan in the mid 19th century, a number of western businessmen established themselves in the Nagasaki area to conduct trade and other industrial activities. The family names of Alt, Ringer and especially Glover (a Scot) are closely tied to the history of this region in the late 19th and…

Boats in the bay

Riddle : How many boats make too many boats ?? Une seule question : quand est-ce que cela fait trop de bateaux ??

River(side) scenes

The karst topography was only part of the show. Les montagnettes de karst avaient de la concurrence.

Chinese Garden

Here is a very authentic looking Chinese style garden. But this one is not in China, it is in Sydney. Voici un jardin chinois digne des meilleurs, mais cette fois, ce n’est pas en Chine. C’est à Sydney.

Taichung train station

A train station built by the Japanese in the central west coast city of Taichung. Photo taken in 2001.