The original Perrier spa under cold and fading winter light

In an overgrown swampy forest near the town of Euzet-les-Bains, stand the ruins of a once significant thermal establishment and spa. In 1875 a certain Dr Louis Perrier became director of this already well known spa, where the waters were known for their curative properties since the end of the 17th century. The spa thrived for many years with the arrival of the railroads. But then in 1898, Dr Perrier bought another spring about 50 km distant in Vergèze and moved there to devote himself mostly to the new business of bottling mineral water. Meanwhile the Euzet spa continued in operation but declined in popularity and was permanently closed in 1947. Fast forward to the 21st century and Perrier mineral water is still produced in Vergèze. Meanwhile the Euzet-les-Bains spa, once replete with train station, omnibuses, hotels, manicured gardens, ballrooms, chapels and so forth stands as a sad overgrown ruin. In this picture of the director’s villa, the cold fading light of a mid-winter day accentuates the sense of melancholy which permeates the area.

Ruined spa at Euzet les Bains