This waterfall drops off the Bondons plateau from about 1000 m altitude and cascades down a ravine towards the Tarn river. The cascade is only a short walk from a small parking area, but it takes a good map to find the road to the location.

Attacking the slopes

Can’t see the trail but it’s there somewhere ! (north face of the Anjeau peak)

Light and Shadow

On the north face of the Pic d’Anjeau. Sun streaming over the ridge just catches a few tree trunks.

Vertical Lines

Converging lines and high ceilings in the Narbonne Cathedral.


December 2002 – Villard de Dourbes: 80 hectares of mountain terrain slide into the valley. In this landscape, taken from the St Pancras Chapel near Dignes-les-Bains in 2008, the scar on the mountain is visible near the centre of the image.

A lonely chapel

Saint-Michel-de-Cousson, 1400m, French Alps. Chapelle de Saint Michel de Cousson, 1400m, Alpes de Haute Provence.

Aqueduct on the Gardon River.

Under light of the setting sun on a day in March. A 50 km long aquaduct built by the Romans around 50 AD, to deliver water from the hinterland to the city of Nimes. Vertical drop over 50 km: approx. 16 m. The pictured structure is the main remaining vestige of the aquaduct where it…

The Vidourle

The Vidourle river flows out of the Cévennes mountain range into a region of karstic limestone. The water seeps into and enlarges cracks in the limestone and forms an underground river system. In the case of the Vidourle, no sooner is it out of the Cevennes mountains than it disappears underground. Some 10 km away…

The forest of Bougès

Some forest scenes snapped on a recent hike in the Cévennes range. Quelques scènes de sous-bois sur le flanc nord du massif du Bougès.

Bridges on the Tarn river

The Tarn river starts on the slopes of Mont Lozère at an approximate altitude 1500 m. For a few kilometres, it flows through a fairly flat mountain grassland plateau with its spongy turf until reaching a narrow gap on the edge of the plateau. From there on it plunges down to much lower altitudes, losing…

Ruined barbican

The remnants of a barbican built to defend the Loche royal fortress during the middle ages.

Grafitti warrior

This one gives a new meaning to the term grafitti. It wasa carved into the soft stone wall on the inside of the dungeon prison of Loches in the middle ages.


A village near Avignon – half perched on a hillside and half-sitting in the Rhône river flood plain. Home to one of the few châteaus in France that was not burned and looted during the revolution. Nice keep on the hilltop too.