The statue of the Buddha in different guises is a key feature of the Buddhist temple. Sometimes the statues are very big. Here are some examples :

  • Tian Tian Buddha : the biggest statue of Buddha in the world and not very old (built in the late twentieth century). The bronze statue is 34 m tall and sits outside on the island of Lantau in Hong Kong.
  • Fukuoka Daibutsu
    Fukuoka Daibutsu
  • Fukuoka Daibutsu : in the Tochoji in the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka, tucked away upstairs inside a building just next to the main temple. But still 10 m tall. It is apparently the biggest wooden Daibutsu in Japan.
  • Nara Daibutsu
    Nara Daibutsu
  • Nara Daibutsu : made of wood, and sitting inside the biggest wooden building in the world (the Daibutsuden) in Nara in central Japan. This one is 15 m tall and made of bronze. It’s fairly old too (think several centuries).
  • Kamakura Daibutsu
    Kamakura Daibutsu
  • Kamakura Daibutsu : Located not too far from Tokyo, this one is in bronze. Once housed in a building, but after several destructions of the building by weather, storms and earthquakes, it now sits outside. Made of bronze and around 13 m tall, this one is part of the Kotoku-in temple in Kamakura.
  • *Daibutsu = big Buddha