Dancing girls

The apsara is the female spirit of clouds and water in the mythologies of Hinduism and Buddhism. Supernatural, beautiful, youthful, elegant, and good at dancing! Les apsaras sont des nymphes celestes de grande beauté, élégantes, nées, selon la légende hindou, du barattage de la mer de lait.

Lonely silent corridors

Endless empty corridors everywhere. There were thousands of people in the site, but for some reason they avoided these corridors. Couloirs, partout, interminables. Des milliers de visiteurs aussi, mais pas ici. On n’aime peut-être pas le poids du silence.

Scenes in the temple

Chasing a fleeting moment (in stereoscope). La chasse aux images éphémères.  

Bas reliefs

With names like “Churning of the Sea of Milk”, “The Battle of Lanka” and “Heaven and Hells”, the bas-reliefs in Angkor Wat leave you wondering which chapter of that history book you missed out on. The most precious treasures of the Angkor Wat complex are not the quincunx towers or the lonely hallways – but…